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  • 2 S.‐J. Choi, J.‐W. Han, S.‐W. Ryu, S. Kim, and Y.‐K. Choi "A Comprehensive Modeling of Threshold Voltage with Consideration of Body Doping Concentration and Body Thickness in Double‐Gate FinFETs" Proceedings of the 15th Korean Conference on Semiconductors, 2008-02 PDF
  • 1 J.‐W. Han S.‐W. Ryu, S. Kim, C.‐J. Kim, M. Im, S.‐J. Choi, J. S. Kim, K. H. Kim, J. S. Oh, M. H. Song, G. S. Lee, Y. C. Park, J. W. Kim, and Y.‐K. Choi "A Unified‐RAM (URAM) Cell Multi‐Functioning Capacitorless DRAM and NVM" IEEE International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM), pp. 929‐032, 2007-12 PDF